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One important object is to prevent recurrences and diet should play

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from the disease. Almost all the stations in the Punjaub and

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the most reliable mea.sures one can adopt for the different forms

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ever the creations of fancy by enlarging and ennobling the area of

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duce hemoglobinuria. If a smaller number succumb, the liver ac-

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pantoprazole sodium domperidone tablets used for

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unimpeachable experience and observation ascribes to it a special value in

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analogous experience. Perhaps theirs is the attitude of

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cephalolribe), or extract the child by the craoioclast or cephalotribe

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with the little finger, cocaine if necessary, the use of the

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patients in detached wards or houses, there are to-day more than

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care of expectoration is all that is necessary. Many

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complete paralysis and anesthesia of all four extremities and of the trunk.

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With regard to the electrical reactions, the affected muscles react to

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and a veritable polyuria, or occasionally a profuse diarrhoea is estab-

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the muscular and aponeurotic structure of the abdominal

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in t-ertain more extensive! rec(uit works will l)e ^nven.

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most familiar with the diseases of the region in which he is to practice his profes-

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tion, " Education," is a representative journal so broad in its scope

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J. F. Anderson, Washington, D.C., describes antitetanic

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we find that in no single metropolitan district — excluding the

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p.^od to concur ..n.ivcK ui,h ,l,i. la„ r Jcndcn- ^ ,„ n-^ard .hc- di^ca-c a.

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action of camphor, which is quite extensive, has made me deem it

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longer able to bark. The speculum showed the posterior por-

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most efficient cause of spontaneous version," he says, " is the com-

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tient; not so the consultant, when alone, except in a case of emergency or

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no ground for this fear; certainly, if our nurses were systematically trained to

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How does this look? Is it not appalling? But this is not

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Royal Society upon the "nervous system of insects." in which

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observers of both groups, the Gaertner more often by the Germans and

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always been his practice, and returned to his home at 8

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shores. It reached us in November, 1848, simultaneousl}'- at the two

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any auxiliary to the exercise of its own observation. Accord-

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that cultures of this organism will be made, in which case it will

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" Another matter which should enlist your earnest attention

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learning on the subject of diseased conditions of the body, from

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It is essential in all cases with intestinal or general toxic symptoms

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The Bnston Medical Jpurnal, November 28, contains the

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Amyl nitrite diminishes vascular tension, as shown by the

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