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cognised the great utility of such a treatise, and both com-

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printed by A. Thorn, for Her Majesty's Stationery OfiSce>

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from this circumstance Dr. Warter thinks that valuable infor-

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Since then, however, the annual influx has steadily increased,

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and masturbation, as well a.s in those cases to which she ordered it applied. Thoro

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affection as a direct cause of the albuminuria in this group of

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The rheumatic virus does not attack the valves of the heart

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they were so in the instance referred to. When seen by Dr.

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age of nine years. With unusual care in diet, his tolerance has

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fluctuating, I apply the paste as near as possible to the point of

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Again, as regards mental emotign or alabm being influential in

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brought on by an attempt on the part of a young man to strangle her, by

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to one is given by the Spirit the word of wisdom, to another the word of knowledge,

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ground than do many now off of a mile square. "Why then should modern philoso-

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their calomeL and other mineral poisons, a greal editary disease

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from various other institutions throughout the country for a series of years si.

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absolutely dangerous. During the dry summer an accumulation of

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as the uterus, centres from which they may be developed, it is

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the occurrence of the outbreak in the one case and its absence in

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ters in pericarditis, not only when effurion has taken place, but

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the abdomen. Occasionally, however, repeated attacks may

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Several cases occurred among the shipping. The total deaths were 414, viz.

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In the ' Year Book of the Sydenham Society for 1865,' p. 84, are related two

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Some have maintained that the immunity of the tuberculous

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catheter, the stylet being withdrawn for an inch, if absolutely

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The neurologic examination should be made with great

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course be necessary, if the patient would preserve life, to apply to some physician

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ened. These benefits have reoently been largely realised in

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elapsed since the first feeding with tricbinized rabbit's flesh. In

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first instance, it is easy to see that it will also be manifested in the same way in the

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With the severe attacks, following the convulsive movements of

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category of deaths by smothering. Of this we have probably the

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There is much important information as to the great amount

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suffer from inflammation of the windpipe, asthma, and consumption.

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