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daert, of the University of Ghent, reports two cases of vesico-
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give rise to the development of gases in the pleura without the en-
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confirm our diagnosis. It is not necessary to examine all patients who
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organs. On the contrary, the abundant sero-fibrinous exudations are
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Sir Patrick Manson ( 54 ) considers Trichuris infestation of no practical moment
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educated class of Filipinos would conform to the laws and support them
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pecially distinguished by their power of rapid multiplication.
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after destruction of the periosteum, the bone is laid bare, and projects
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abdomen is sensitive to pressure, and particularly when these symp-
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Uebertragbarkeit auf Tiere. Virch. Arch. (1891), 126, 11 to 59, 8 pi —
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organ, and surrounded by liver parenchyma, change the form but little ;
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an important class among the so-called expectorants : senega, squills,
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3. The bullocks here used for virulent blood weigh between 200 and
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odical abstraction of blood, warm site-baths, irritating suppositories!
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j'-ellow elastic tissue, which giv^es firmness and resiliency to the

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