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bly do not drink water from so many different sources as
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dle of March. Why should such an epidemic show itself at this
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progressively maintained for a considerable period. A reduction of twenty
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cytes or endothelial, and never free in the blood except that drawn
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the treatment of it tracheotomy is generally advisable. Sir
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serious. Perfectly healthy children are sacrificed to the bad habit of mak-
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ebriety, 1 epilepsy, 1 chronic visceral lesions, and 19 from causes not
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his position as near the commanding officer as possible in
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AVith that singular capacity for doing nothing which afSicts this
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susception was readily relieved, but the patient died
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ago, and thirty-nine persons previously vaccinated. In reading the
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Beports relating to the Sanitary Condition of the Strand
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stating that he prepares, wholesale and retail, Thomso-
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in the evening the deceased fell out of the wagon and
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cally distinguished under the names of shot, shell, carcass, and
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which declared against its being connected with the stomach.
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to Dr. D'Eslon, to magnetise the piano it is only necessary
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noted. The Surgeon's Silk Piaster Gelatole is an exceedingly
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on copper, were combined entirely into acid products. We may then, in this
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stood and should be sought for first, in order, either that they
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