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cations necessary to keep it up to its present standard.
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other serous cavities contain a little blood stained fluid. The liver and
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description of Sherrington s i. e. there was a small
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service. In the American curative waters of Missisquoi
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der Heilkundc Dr Luttich has a case entitled Fall von Aneurysma
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the most frequent of all complications. They appear during or after the
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were produced on lie upper and lower decks forwards especially on
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Secondary dilatation of the oesophagus is ordinarily masked by the
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for aTbout the same length of time. This rate of increase is
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Members intending to be present are requested to communicate with
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dustry of this State that the above mentioned and other diseases should be
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which Professor Thompson presents in this paper take us over
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The left lung weighed ozs. and the right only ozs. The
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the vindication of which is dear to every one who holds
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of them projecting through the dura mater. The dura mater adheres by

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