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sier. If we mix two salts which mutually decompose each other, a third

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1863. January 1st to 4th. — Has not suffered much pain for the

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malaise. The simultaneous administration of narcotics

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of Jundi-Shapur, and who had the honour of being con-

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marasmus. The features of the autopsy were the fol-

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larger nund»er of bearing points, and there is none of the uj)-and-down

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importance to masticate animal substances thoroughly than it

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of the mother, and who, within a lew hours after birth,

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motest corner of his brain, and that prescribing is

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in some cases it produces irritating effects which are not caused by

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tary muscular system, no matter of what origin, with its incom-

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Lesions. In the form determined by smut the tracheal mucosa

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1 This would seem to be at least a moderate estimate, as, writing November 20, 1894, Bebring

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overlap the fractured surfaces and which in some cases

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not worth living. In these cases tender- later. Now four interrupted stay sutures

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symptom is still more common in the more advanced stages of the

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qoenoe with which such cases occur is shown in the following descrip-

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issue the journal monthly has been highly successful.

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Fearing a return of the head to its mal-position, I main-

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difficulties similar and equal to those of treating stammer-

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In gastric irritation bismuth, or calomel and soda are useful.

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room, which the children can use for a few hours every day, and it is

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fastened with a silkworm-gut stitch to the skin, where it emerged.

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AR. Board eligible. Member, American Associaiton of

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enter into the composition of soap. Soap-making is, therefore,

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life, even those who really expressed a desire to be cured. Their treat-

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and the fall, if any, could have been but trifling. The effusion on the spinal

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Ewald and Jacobson, also employing the method of Brieger for

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that, on exhibiting the tumour to the Medico-Chirurgical Society,

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f " Philadelphia Medical Times," 1881-82, xii, p. 206. % Page 78.

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Stallo, a building just east of the hospital. The build-

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2. Alcoholic and aqueous solutions arc either not at all or

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The Kceberl6 nceud is the best of instruments of its

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process, promulgated by Ricord, was long ago attacked on pathological

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which has been stated to the electric theory of nerve-

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feared that the vein tied with catgut had in his case again

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ture would be substantially the same at the same hour of the day.

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logue of Obstetrical Instruments — Resume du Cours d'Accouchements

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most ferocious business, originated in drunkenness. Soldiers were called

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It is the only repository where, beside carriages, saddlery,

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