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extirpation is to be had recourse to for its ultimate

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•creted in the cardiac end of the stomach that these two substances are

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glossy on section, sometimes granular, sometimes, in cancer, distinctly

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the prognosis will depend on the local pressure (e. g., on the brain) exerted

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■ iiu'e and tear the capillarv wall and sd lead to lieiiKirrhaire. If these

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,han -m tli.' n.iniial si.l... I'.y .mlinary clini.-iil iM.-nsiu-..iii.-its, lli.ir-

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tion of arthritis deformans snould not lead to the diagnosis of Addison's

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occur between forty and forty-five, and in males two-thirds of the cases

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I"i-'. Inti'slinal iiinlra.l ions after exiisioii of Hn. ali.lominal -.nnslia ami

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^vhen neutral fat instead of the aleohol-ether extract was added. The

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Eisner reports a still more remarkable instance in which the features of

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* A System of Medicine , AUbutt and RoUeston, revised edition, vol. iii.

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or alkalies which would lead us to expect that they woidd he <-apahl.

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rapiilly. This is kimwii as i uiiju nii »(, and it iiidieates that the enerj

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l.y way of flic coiTcspoiiiliiiyr uliit,. i;inii coiiinimiicaiitis, mikI jkiss into

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ing of the treatment of the parenchymatous forms of nephritis, cold baths

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the one reported by Grtinfeld, which suggest strongly thyroid disease, and

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structure were covered with an equal, distinct, but

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William Wright, Esq. Grenville Street, Brunswick Square.

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