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Jennings.- — In Charlottesville, Virginia, on Tuesday, Au-
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ally in such cases cauterization of the turbinates has
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annulatus serpiginosus or dermatitis seborrhoeica ;
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Bureau of Municipal Hospitals, including the smallpox hos-
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reason to attribute a special fragility to the coexistence or previous exist-
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and characteristic than the syphilitic cough ; the ex-
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forty-four years, had been suffering for eight months from frequent ex-
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Persons, Elbert E., Major, Medical Corps. Will, at the
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The cases were studied clinically by Pilcher at the
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ent parts of the medical community have been developed in the last
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diac muscular fibre, and this action is marked. Therefore we should
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two cases from the literature. The greatest number of cases have been
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rectus inferior ; of the left the abducens. obliquus
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school after Christmas and upon the 15th rernembcred
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and Dr. J. Farl Elsie, of PiiUman ; secretary. Dr. Curtis
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at 10.30, 82 mm. ; at 10.40, 72 mm. ; at 10.45, 88 mm. ; at 10.53, 85 mm.
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to a new filter and when the fluid has filtered off,
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paragraphs I felt a sense of shame and humiliation.
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as in Part II. of Chapter VII. ; sparingly introduced in others. They
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is attributed to that body, and considering also that
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posite. This was probably the result of fibrous con-
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ful. For the alternate constipation and diarrhoea a
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'"Cabot, Jiiurnal of the .4iiiericaii Medical Association, xlix, p.
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Miss Emily Albers, daughter of Dr. H. A. Albers, aged
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prising part of the lowest portion of the ileum, the
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toxaemia. The examination of the lungs was negative.
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dioxide, because the product of conception until the
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French Surgical Congress the results he has obtained in operations of
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same quantity. For diminishing the fermentation, sulphur, sublimed,
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normal or adventitious, when they reached the ear, had the same intensity
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knowledge of its existence will to a great degree in-
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contraction of the diaphragm, and the simultane(;us
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good enough evidence that it is rare.' Two of these
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2. Bilious Attacks in Children, By Philip S. Potter.
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keeping the suspension in an incubator for several hours at a temperature
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on the contrary, averaged 3, 2, and 2.3 per cent, in
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Shall exhort and his Example shall encourage and persuade those who
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demiology is more clearly established than that sewage
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more than two and one-half ounces of fluid during deep anaesthesia.
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typhoid serum." They conclude: "It would seem, therefore, that this
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extension of leave of absence from July 17, 1910, on
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says, " that it would seem almost impossible for any one teacher to keep
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The three cases of infection developing one month after prophylactic in-
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icterus. The abdomen is still above the level of the ribs. The super-
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showed that the dilatation of the oesophagus was diffuse and not lateral. The
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and rigid. His legs were relaxed. The attacks lasted

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