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will be a paper by Dr. Sigmund Pollitzer on the Ehrhcli-
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time to time, while externally there may be no trace
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day eight more pills are given, and in severe cases
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ciferous and discordant shouts, along with rhythmic move-
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from transmissible diseases were reported to the Depart-
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one, nor, indeed, the fundamental one. It is equally
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had ranged from 82 to 88 and temperature from 99° to
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5. The Use of Pfannenstiel's Oblique Incision through
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to the character of the individual and the reflexes
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important factor of all in wealth production was hu-
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five per cent, on an expenditure of six hundred dol-
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ple. The following officers were elected : President, Dr.
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per cent., is now infiltrated around the margin of the
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sought was to utilize the opportunities at hand, de-
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The folloTx'iiig cases of and deaths from cholera, yellozi<
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G. M. Edelbohls. Journal of Gyncccology and Obstetrics,
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Garde, Medical Corps, president of the Army Medical
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Berlin; Prof. Kuttner, Breslau; Prof. Lange, Miinchen :
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according to his real meaning. The fla))ic of life.
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lores, solvitur inde, agitur in motum, et per urinani,
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Officers of the service have been dispatched to New York
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structed to furnish a copy to the medical press for publi-
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tb.e placental surface. The significant fact in the
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true position of the bullet was at the intersection
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writers in this country, and it is particularly prized
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for the care and treatment of fishermen and sailors on the
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Ordered to acti\e duty in the service of the United
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Napellus, of hony and oyle a sufficient quantitie to
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ing causes, partly by the general evolution in time
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of reserves of fat. With the carbohydrate metabolism disturbed or
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cludes addresses by Professor L. H. Bailey, of Cornell
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the date fixed upon shall be one which will accommodate
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may help us in our deductions are we going to reich
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nipple, for the baby even at this late date had not
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against excising during an operation, a portion of a
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as well as an embarrassing group until we have come to know
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particularly the ingestion of sugars and starches in
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leading either to the stump of the ureter or to the
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eral days or weeks of starvation, it is not brought
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