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was used only as a dietetic. We are all in the con

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uterus of female pigs removed and the incision sewn up within thirty

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has never as yet been carried out. This would be an

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between the two types is found in the different stages of the

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the local injection of cocaine or one of its substitutes and the

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hereditary syphilis I do not believe that I have ever

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my theme my cordial thanks are rendered and especially are they

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patient died of sepsis fifteen were absolutely well at the end of fi

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Central Nervous System Jour of Ment. and Nervous Disease July

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dles by the transverse pons fibres. In the middle of the

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Were shortly alluded to in which there was emphysema to a

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Here under the influence and why not under the auspices

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to get laws passed to favor their unscientific methods the regular

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cornea and excising a portion of it. Severe inflammation ensued

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Glanders occurs in two forms i as circumscribed nodules

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single but most frequently are collected in groups along the blood

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the pneumo gastric. He found that after injections of the drug the

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Reports from special committees for being now in order the

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by pressure. The evacuations were frequent yellow and gene

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straight grained and families where they are born cross grained. Everybody

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Fauvel as if to form an exception to the rule that the French

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characterized by a uniformly dark red airless condition. The affected lobes are

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Definition. Laryngitis may be defined as an inflamma

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degeneration of the ovary was to most of us an obsolete

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fulfillment of the need. For example lack of food causes

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necessary to reduce the tendency to relapse. In this connec

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tion also shows why persons with pulmonary disease or

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tended and moderately tender to pressure especially on the right side.

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fenforial power of affociation by the weaker adion of the heart and

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to their increafing the abforption of the thinner parts of it. So alum

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bacteriocidal for bacilli in closed cavities and within mac

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C tours and concealment of materni y. Still the rule

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whose labors have contributed to the improvement or extension of

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inclined forward and when carried up over the head it is inclined

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treatment of strictures by the linear electrolysis method.

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GiR CD. On November at Poena the wife of Surgeon Major Byng

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