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to ease — a sort of jerk — mark the completion of the first

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Wounds of the Eye. J. H. Claiborne and Edward B. Cobuhk.

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gross organic brain lesions, such as laceration or haemorrhage, may cause

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of the gland. Some small portion of the organ appears to be

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of a valve, a little granule on its free edge, or a little thickening

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than ihejejunxim or the ileum, the two next portions in order.

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latter. In the former, also, the hygrometrical constitution of the atmosphere,

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amount found in cow's milk. As a matter of fact this figure is too

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6. A soft, flabby, velvet-like feeling of the skin and mus-

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class of muscles be employed for a time, then another, while the former is at rest,

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vomiting and the vomiting ceasing as abruptly as the pain began. Dur-

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danger is incurred of locking up in the wound fluids which are

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that it is rather accumulative iu its action ; and if sev-

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sistence. Such a sediment consists microscopically of a cloud of clotted,

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patient continually vomiting matter that was feculent,

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Like their kinsmen in genius, these toilers devised

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the north of Europe or along the sluggish and miasmatic banks of the

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Professor Erb of Heidelberg gave the first clear account of it at the

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individual whose fingers have been held in leash by

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washings from cases of epidemic encephalitis when injected intra-

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disease of the nipple is indeed a new one, but if tinally established,

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than this, as by the use of this method the very next attack is inva-

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are separated by 3, 4, 5, or n cardiac revolutions prolonged through the loss of a sys-

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then the heart and diaphragm are alike underfed, and then

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etc. It has been suggested that the natural elimination of trinitrotoluene

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It has been reported by several observers that the Bence-Jones

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operation. Evidence of syphilis found at the last moment. Dis-

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through the medium of certain ganglia situated at its base and

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indistinct scarlatinous eruption covering both breasts and entire front of

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One other remark we would make is thLs — how much more

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