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in regard to acute poliomyelitis (vide infra) ; but the evidence is increasing
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12. Lead. — (a) Acute lead poisoning produces severe gastro-enteritis.
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MedM^al Department of Howard University, — This college was ex-
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and Animal Physiology ; (4) Geology and Mineralogy. Candidates may
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' PT 3ABR90830.VII--3/30BR9921.1-n,iO. Kg^ c'nspection, \. designed to be used
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weeks) to the most complete paralysis (paraplegia, vesical paralysis, anaes-
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they must be matriculated students. The grade is thrown open to
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examinations in operative and mechanical dentistry will include actual
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" antidotum arsenici" (P. G.), of which one or two tablespoonf uls may be
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come totally blind, and the ophthalmoscope shows a cherry-red spot in the
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other Greek author. (2) Virgil, .SSneid i. — y., or Horace, Odes i.~^iii., and
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X The last biennial for Medicine and Surgery, The matricula for the free exercise is conferred
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poliomyelitis, since a rapid complete destruction of the ganglion cells occurs in
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other cases the period of mental confusion and hallucinations may continue
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have attended only one course of each of the subjects connected with
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functions of these two fiber tracts. The clinical observations of sensory dis-
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to «i?J.ii^n«S.^4-X^i?*!L*S,ffi^^ ^1 ^fort, it tmU be of sent holp
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which survived steaming for two hours; and Wood speaks of a strepto-
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of Medicine or Olinical Medicine ; Practical Anatomy, a course of the
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didate wiU be examined on the reading and writing of his own
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Physiology of fteat Animals (5/3 hrs); Slaughtering,.
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and prc*v<<tes a \rou<^ In the door for water and fped ' '
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ments are also not infrequent. The constant movements of the fingers result-
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extra medical education, viz., English, French, Latin, Arithmetic, Algebra,
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turbance in the metabolism of the carbohydrates is indicated by a persistent
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diminished, especially if there be at the same time a marked disturbance of
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4 dols. 40 cents; Fowne's "Chemistry," 2 dols. 20 cents; Granot'a

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