boston marathon bombing

In the year
(Every year)


In the spring
When the trees
Mist green


Or late sum­mer
When the trucks
Leave red dust
On the rails
Of footpaths


We learn words
That go together
Hold­ing hands
Like chil­dren do:


nine eleven
fukushima explo­sion
tube bomb­ing
box­ing day tsunami
bali bomb­ing
can­berra bushfires


My child­hood is
Carved with them
The memory
Of first hearing


Those words
Together like
A child being born


boston mara­thon bombing


Is another to add
To my memory


The dates fade
And faces and the
Places you sat
When you found out
How your legs
Were fol­ded and
Who you were
In love with but


The words
In the man­ner
Of words
Carved into us


Like nurs­ery rhymes
And fairy tales
Like an eight year old’s
Life spread across a street;


When we are altzheimers
And bones
We will remem­ber
And sing
Under our breaths


boston mara­thon bomb­ing
can­berra bush­fires
bali bomb­ing
box­ing day tsunami
tube bomb­ing
fukushima explo­sion
nine eleven.

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