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ing importance to the medical profession. In 1895 he contributed a
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course the question arose, Is alcohol a cause of the lesion that
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reproduced, since the report is easily obtainable on application
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can find no objective cause. For these and similar disorders there are no
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it is that sick-rooms are poorly ventilated, and patients are
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As we took occasion to point out in our issue for March last, the
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A case of ovarian tumor, found by autopsy to be cystic, was
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German literature. He takes much interest in the proceedings of
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The collegiate education of Dr. Samuel A. Brown was obtained
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was giaduated from the University of Virginia, taking the
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Dr. Hammond mentioned the case of a man, who, after an attack
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Such are the simple lesions. In their vicinity complex
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questions are scarcely relevant, but are such as I may seek to
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was opened for work April 6, 1895- This was the first
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of impartial investigations will tend to dissipate prejudice.
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diminishes the irritability of the cardiac ganglia, thus lessening the danger of paraly-
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the form of potassium iodic!, or sajodin. As vet we, ourselves, have not seen
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71 war), immersions in permanganate of potassium solution,
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inspiring hope by exaggerated phrases. The patient will take
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tended mention here. Suffice it to say that the evident object
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it was no accident that he accomplished these results, but that they
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lined with thin filaments of wool emanating from the trousers
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time. Dr. Albee 's career is one not easily paralleled by noted con-
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The foregoing experiments prove that hydrastine exhausts the
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suffers most, then the left hand ; and frequently during pedal-
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When you are told, for example, that homoeopathy seeks after
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Instant or very rapid death occurs frequently ; when
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plegia, and Myasthenia (Asthenic Bulbar Paralysis) .... 440
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Visiting Physician to the Department of Heart and Lung
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(Or would it matter if the potency chosen happened to be the
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is recognized in the whole theory and practice of education ;
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tance to restoring the continuity of the peritoneum, and
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