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sibly the proper name would have been Cholera Infan

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ultimately leaves the tongue preternaturally clean and red.

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calcium as well and a diet poor in calcium is responsible for

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In the advanced stages of tuberculosis in solipeds polyuria is

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On the posterior wall of the oesophagus there existed a hemorrhagic infiltration

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the disease has been present. Not a few physicians have died

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perceived but are converted into ideas and that in them resides the power

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positivo del bacillo di Koch nelle orine di malati di tu

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of the membrane there is little danger. At the post mortem examination

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upon united twins a matter which has quite recently come somewhat

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the blood and thus reducing the constitutional manifestations. It can

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unmindful of our duty to the profession as a member of the

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stood by the terms General and Special Pathology and

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function in renal cardiorenal and cardiac diseases. Archives

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per t a tern reliquas circumjlantias fieri poffit quodi

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ed with success on most every domesticated quadruped. Ani

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nation its virtues are invaluable modifying secretion

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nas particularidades de la evolucion y formas de la tuber

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tical utility they will not suffer in comparison with those of Europe

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to assert that there is perhaps no individual symptom which

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one or two from Norway Sweden and Denmark Semon and Tilas one

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have been missed except for the routine vaginal smear.

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were roused then the villi lost their shape. In a more ad

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knowledge of them would be of greater value than a simple school

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to the French school the pathogenesis of these cardiac changes con

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mull er who frequently observed the disease in Vienna describe

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The following experiment will give a fairly good idea of the value

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From this time on the cerebral pulsations become stronger. By means

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help restore the normal blood picture iron as ferric

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