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Each tablet contains methenamine mg. sodium acid phosphate mg.

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muscular spasm relaxes but the consequent sopor is usu

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the freeing of the blood stream. Hueter thinks that

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of the fixed framework of the cell elements and how carefully are these

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that tlie disease never appears hut as tlm result of the intro

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organism of an animal possesses the property of causing the

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in the last three years from two of which he got gonococcus

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iron quinine and zinc phosphide are often beneficial.

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age. A patient under fifteen with a well formed chest his seizures

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liberal amount of fire protection the extent and variety of such

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of quinine dissolved in ten drops of strong hydrochloric acid given


Any vessel clearing and sailing from any such port with

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to make a retrograde step so to speak and look a little into

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assumed toxic influence of the menstruating woman are

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In nine of the more severe cases of this series the heart

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for the first twenty foui houi s there will be no danger

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adequately to provide this by any enlargement of the existing institu

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limbs chest and back is completely covered by vesicles. In the former

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value. The success of the suggestion to use the abdominal

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ing. The next day she had a copious evacuation of almost pure

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Gouty neuralgia is largely recognized and is known to be both

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vessels of the air cells and the seat of inflammation in pneumonia

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in the capacity of the lungs to hold air when that capacity by

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Bacon he was entirely unaffected by the teaching of

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some by artificial heat according to other reports by the

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gray and white matter folded up in a peculiar and compact

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operator was ignorant of the existence of the complica

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Y ork Pathological Society American Microscopical Society

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veins flushed cheeks pearly conjunctivae and pale mem

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breathing sixty five times per minute the pulse qo the

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Sec.. There must be a bath of the entire person once

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Orris is also a member of the group. Physicians for

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