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with such dyes as logwood—diffuses out from the latter, and as the dif-
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Sfjuare, W.C— Assistant Physician. Applications to St. Vincent Mer-
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Medical Association forwarded to the Indian Secretary,
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White: Two Exceptional Cases of Peripheral Neuritis, one
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necessary, the amount was reduced to about 170 c.c. If the filtrate
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health officers was far less complete than it is now. The
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touch them with tlie actual cautery — galvano-cautery or
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the left iliac fossa and lumbar region. The percuss'ou note
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preserve the normal proportions between the bodily con-
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before the magistrate, without in any way communicating with A., thus
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putrefying material from various sources ; bacteria in articles
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small-pox death is in these years the same in the vacci-
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tagium is able to exist, but it their proximity be sufficiently
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one tonsil only was enlarged, or in which the recurring in-
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of the unfortunate result," etc. That was not the letter that
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the clinical symptoms generally known as rotheln, rubeola,
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fashion, although here again a brief and more or less local
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number and severity of attacks among the population, and
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called, between five and six weeks ago, ou five of the medical practi-
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attributable to differences in surface tension, and their study
Hueppe speaks very highly of tribromphenol. He says that
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There seems to be some reason to hope that the visitation
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different, chiefly because of their different behaviour to
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of the SLinitary Inspectors Association in opposing the grant of toe Royal
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non-delivery of the Journal, etc., should be addressed to the Manager,
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in boiling water or an antiseptic solution of 58° or 60° Centi-
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ance of cavernous sounds, and even ef signs of consolidntion,
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cost of which had to be borne by tlie railways. Taking ad-
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known Colonial office regulations, absolutely at the mercy of
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of lower extremities, and paralysis of the bladder and rectum.
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Individuals and of Classes, — Limits of Attenuation.— Unper-
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which contains no such unjust refervation, and readjust-
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last'four years, and can thoroughly recommend it as a well made sub-
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leucocytes is observable. But the phenomena of extravas-
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undergoes changes which may end either in induration or
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found at altitudes up to 10,000 or 11,000 feet, and in the
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cases, and should be considered as an exceptional procedure.
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coils or intestines. Besides this suppurative peritonitis, there were no
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members of the same family. Cases were shown by Mr.
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readily demonstrated by any method of staining which
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expect to get a penal clause in an Act saying that no woman

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