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judgment a most excellent model of organization and

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Met according to adjournment and resumed the investiga

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muscular system especially in pigs. There are the gen

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tain information relative to the characteristic symptoms of the different func

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mental upset at the hospital and the marked fear state he had

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cases cited by Dr. Griftith too although less open to

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ment characteristic of chronic cystitis. Treatment by me iEs of

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or retreat from the pressures of society. In this issue

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Heath s Practical Anatomy a Manual of Dissections. Eighth

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tion of the ureter by the lumbar incision when it was found

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lungs low arterial and high venous pressure diminish the quantity of

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is possible in all lines of life despite obstacles failure is alike

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the original intent was in this case. Emanating from a writer

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destroy the reproductive function and induce a variety of complaints with the

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is said to be hysterical. But this phenomena is no more hysterical whatever

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affected swellings and deformities are seen. On the mucous mem

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