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ful resection. The latter operation, it is held, is rarely indi-

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point of view of vaccination, and as plaoed,on xecord by the

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When the swelling ot the mucous membrane at the inner

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that 28 new members had joined during the past year, and

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send out circulars in competing for club appointments, especially when

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It is indeed unfortunate that we are without the two points

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shall be assigned to the professor in addition to his normal

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rise to little beyond discomfort, the opportunity to test the

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weeks after the appearance of the rash was met with where

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dollars, has been sentenced to six months' imprisonment.

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pylorus until a sense of resistance was felt— a distance of

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Eye and Microscopical Specimens, ^Microtomes, New Physio-

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with reference to a statement made by a previous witness as

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gree may disturb its blood vessels and produce engorgement,

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men being now formed up in two ranks and exiended to four paces

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tries, it has been agreed that old clothes, bedding, soiled

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Dr. Tweedole Thomson of St. Andrews in the British Medical Jour-

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of one of the lirms, Mr. W. Allan, M.P., has since made a

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medical officer of health for Leeds, was taken. The witness

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injected twice daily the menthol and guaiacol, as I have

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the growth of the individual. "We have long since emerged

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or three days before the onset of labour pains must liave

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granted by certain institutions to women who had passed an

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think that a very great deal of the literature of criminal

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culty, statistics prove that in the absence of malignant dis-

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Any qualified medical practitioner, not disqualified by any

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aflorded in the case of the University of Bombay. Attention

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been gradually enlarging, and has now reached the size of a

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■edges of the swollen serous coat of the stump over the protruding

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Fountain Hotel, at 6 P.M., charge fexclusive of wine) Os. 6d. An extra

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Brigade Surgeon-Lieutenant-Colonel T. Ffsexch-Mullen, M.D. .Bengal

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