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the majority of cases of so-called vicarious haemoptysis occur in

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but none seemed to have any effect on the vomiting.

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practice in St. Louis, and was very soon elected the first

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present enormously enlarged apertures of exit, but they

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ill action. I Ur manner was usually very suave, and with

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referred to above, and published in 1874. Therein he will find

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pupils to this day speak of him with a loyal affection and

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negative. While there is evidence that the symptoms noted by

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the highest standard, and its great success induced its founder in the

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"Transactions of the New York State Medical Society," and the

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culosis. Frequent attacks of dizziness, and congestion of blood

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A baker who delivered bread to a house where there were five

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this parasitical settlement. Dr. Reinsch scraped off some of

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meyer, daughter of Rev. A. V. Wittmeyer, Rector of the French

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great experience, and a wide reputation as a skillful and

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seven centuries before Christ, through Galen's recommendation of

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Lectures on Clinical Otology. By Henry C. Houghton, M.D. Boston : Otis

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of phosphorus. To support his belief he brings forward numerous clinical

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These volumes, which form the February and March numbers

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the medical press upon subjects connected with this branch

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believe and those who disbelieve in high potencies, the writer

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Samuel G. Webber, M.D. New York : D. Appleton & Co., 1885.

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liquor for medicinal purposes, to favor that which is freest from

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dies in the house, gave her chamomilla. In the evening there

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Perforations of only one side of the bone are rare.

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elevation of the requirements for admission and graduation by

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made even more important. The various bureaus were all thor-

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istered the affairs of the office with an earnestness and a fidelity char-

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Dear Editor, — Yours at hand. In reply, I would say that the subject

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uating from that institution with the degree of M.D., in 1911. He

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promote the right exercise of that internal power by the exertion

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two years. He was also one year in the Medical Depart-

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When Yale College established its thermometric bureau, it

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he *i» i;railLiuift! ■> !>;v and Jl ■ :■■ ■

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cases, that some remedy exists somewhere, that might have been

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pursued at the Chatham Academy, Chatham, New York, from whence

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border of the sterno-mastoid ; rarely along the posterior

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