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pear as a distinct anomaly. The experiment had continued for

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unwilling to dispense with the services of the good physician.

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June San Diego Academy of Family Physicians th Annual Post

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and at others asthenic. With respect to the form denominated mixed we remark

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to retain it and half grain doses of salol were ordered every

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ened parietal and hepatic layers of peritoneum. It may be appreci

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soluble in cold alcohol and is freely soluble in boiling water

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many in number which the few last years have furnished.

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proved. For example the often cited air crash aboard the

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Strophanthus. The effect of strophanthus is sufficiently

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the lips of the umbilical depression. This easily becomes infected if

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mental work of Van Niessen shows nothing except that he

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tions of Strauss of waltz fame. In mental ability may be mentioned

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The Summary is invaluable to medical men who have not

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in a strong subject with none of the characteristic symptoms of strumous

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efficacious that we possess in this painiul and sometimes serious disease. The

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and a half of soUd extract. This consists of a mixture

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seldom be seen. I will here add that it is more fre

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considered under three headings dietetic hygienic and medicinal.

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walking down several flights of shabby steps the patient

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Carbolic acid is therefore the best means hitherto known for

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which it fis suspended from the upper bar of the foot

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rachitic enlargement of the head. In the latter the head is

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the following formula as one which will make a pre

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more or less petechiated and marked by extravasations.

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berculosis. The sputa of phthisical patients and the blood of tubercular

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