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while the new-coming teachers give every promise of ex-

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foreign, approved of by the body granting the diploma, in which

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les articulations, soit hors des articulations. 4°.

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of sugar so that I should not hear when they take my things.

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and keeping away of every kind of moisture. This end is effected in these opera-

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I did not know what to tell him to do, except to chlorinate the well.

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rigidly excluded from the imperial Court. The Emperor

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which are only present spontaneously and without our co-opera-

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being no certain evidence either by the ophthalmoscope, or otherwise, of intra-

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the veterinary surgeon. When the cause has been as effec-

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or that it can be fairly held that the simple word "examine,"

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These few little experiments have been carried out with the idea

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prevalence of caries had pure races, and those having

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nosis as to the type of psychosis and a prognosis was

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importance of these nerves has been materially increased recently by the

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ing under the significant title, " Who is the Keeper of Your

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that the Council have actually achieved, though »e have

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cervical lip and causing retention of urine, and after the removal

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bone ; and they were almost always found in superficial

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nast." We have not yet fathomed its true inwardness, but

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For the opportunity of examining these joints the writer is indebted to Miss Stoney, M.D.

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