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might be assumed to be broken up cannot be conjectured. Very soon the

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that the little patient would have been placed in a better con-

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from bilateral ptosis, and a paresis of the eye-muscles more

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preparations properly stained, we find that nuclear division begins

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classed with catarrh of the large intestine, since these affections imply tncmMi

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Vol. XXXVIII.— BALTIMORE, DECEMBER 18, 1897. Whole No. 873

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spinal column. This became more severe and involved the

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metabolism on the part of the cells of the tissues concerned, while at

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not the child the system," the teachers may derive much

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secondary to diseases of the air-passages. The two varieties, however,

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extent. Still more important, from the patient's point of view, is

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c)>. innsse and the nii)ple was erect. All the region about became

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"blade is inserted behind the palmar surface of the third phalanx,

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.7 urak-Samojeden ; mit einer Einleituiig von F. Miiller.

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face a number of grooves about an inch apart, so that, when the

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sert, without examination, to whatever is stated. It is, says Brown, "a

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In closing the discussion Dr. Fenger said the incis-

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presence of the infection, Dr. Sandilands had omitted to mention one most

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bile. Urinary bladder collapsed. Myocardium not fatty.

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It is a well-known fact that well-regulated cities with filtered

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disease is far more common than previously supposed. In five years

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1900 KiDD, Lbonabd, M.D., West Bridge, Enniskillen.

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weighed into sterile glass stoppered bottles. Sterile water was then

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culture, once with the Streptococcus urea:, and the Streptococcus pi/eyeries

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time is rendered well nigh bloodless, so that he can do the minutest

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this to seeking to obliterate the vaginal process by means of pressure applied

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above, alcohol is to be depended upon, we must agree

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devote himself to their service, with little hope of reward; he

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administration as the attack returns, and continuing this course-

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of my belief, ever did cause impotence or waste a testicle.

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To meat imported in the minor frontier trade as well as in trade at

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tagious diseases act not being abolished until 1866.

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stomach (.') cannot digest it. I'ntil the third month,

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restores the dilatability of the vesical sphincter. Certain of

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he said, while either general or local, are chiefly those of

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to 1 per cent., and the greatest quantity 0*07 cgrm. in an adult.

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book was published, the "British Medical Journal " published a

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to be effected by means of parasites, and most writers have incriminated

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and forms a ring or zone of cloudiness. If, however, there is only a

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