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The eruiotion attending pediculi may simulate an eczema, impetigo

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abundant, the intercellular substance increases, the cells

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now are much more common than vesical concretions, and no doubt

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at the base of the heart, often also in the mitral area.

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Notice. — We are requested to announce that the Forty-fifth part of

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always failure to respond to the faradic current to a greater or less extent.

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many parasitic diseases had lesions similar to those met with in

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able to expand its understanding of business concerns

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practice of midwifery at the time of Hippocrates (400 B.C.). But

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male sex. Bramwell, however, analyzed 178 cases, and in 48, or 26.9 per cent.,

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misunderstood. Gynecologists do not allow sufBcient time for the caustic to

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bony pressure or the pressure of a forceps-blade, but

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suria comes in cases of irregular or incomplete gout. This rule does not

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Involves the inner fascial membranes of the palm of the hand.

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The Subjects in ivldcli Courses are required of all Candidates by the

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physical dependence on parenteral Talwin in patients with a history

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Of these, the first and most important which we will mention,

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possible ; that was the idea. I would be very glad indeed to hear suggestions on that

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oe administered to or taken by any other person, any poison or other

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experiment, preferably after having destroyed any associated organ-

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yet if he die it is murder or manslaughter ; because if the wounds had not

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has acquired a great reputation. In fact, such has been its popularity,

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all cases of injury to the feet, I think that if it be possible to

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Various investigations of the etiology of intussusception in cases in

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3 j ; tine, belladon., 5 ij ; tinct. cardamon comp.,

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be around and spy him using his limbs. He gets morose,

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of chloroform, in which the specimen is allowed to remain for

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sea-coast, but far in the interior of some of the South-

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Castile soap £ ft), ginger 2 oz., oil of juniper 2 dr., cinnabar \

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very irregular in shape. The protoplasm is not pigmented. Where

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after that chieftain had lost his hand in battle and provided him

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an e.\aminalion. The examining boards consist of the

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