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occurs more frequently in warm than in temperate regions.

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Food..— It is unnecessary to say that the food should be simple, well

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in which the excretion of urine and the amount of phosphates have both

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j^BSCESS, in a horfe, how moft properly to ir^at an, 194

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This parasite has also been found in the cortex of the brain, where,

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In contradistinction to the noisy child is the quiet niw wIim

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the patient can be roused to take nourishment or to put out the tongue.

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difcharged from one fide a very (linking reddifh mat-

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The colon, too, may be shown to be in front by distending it with water.

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Tuberculous ulcers of the skin are most frequent near the various

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A detailed study in normal Anatomy from a Radiological aspect in

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hour for twelve hours. Larger doses of tincture of aconite are frequently

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of Bright's Disease — the dietary — can be administered with much

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element associated, although it may be easily overlooked by the patient

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medical navigation have been successfully negotiated and when

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allowed to flow. The Saline burette is then opened, about 10 c.c. being

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maxillary set of lymph glands were the first to be involved. However,

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attack confers no immunity ; on the contrary, it predisposes to recurrence.

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exempt. In warm countries few escape occasional in-

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leave at their ftill length, and feldom comb for fear

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described under "Diseases of the Stomach," p. 651, the liquid must have

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ance of the foot. These exercises should be done a minimum

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a general thinning, or more or less complete shedding, the other a falling

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policemen also on long hours of duty, bakers or butchers, who,

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Professor D. J. G. Wishart, who came into the Faculty on the amalgamation

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followed with advantage, in cases where the diarrhoea is not very severe, by

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It is unnecessary to repeat the description which has been given of the

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from the top of the greateft quantity of dung' that

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All agree that the majority of wounded soldiers in this war

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When history and physical examination have revealed no cause

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This measure, which, judging from the well-established fact of the ex-

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satisfactorily employed in dilution up to 25% as a wet

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firmed the suspicion of the symptoms being due to arsenical poisoning.

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