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such as to cause great debility and endanger the patient's health. In order to
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The description of the minute structure of a normal appendix is deserv-
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the strainer to complete fifteen (15) ounces; finally
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facts which seem to indicate that the fever is a primary phe-
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the parts clean, and apply a weak solution of carbolic acid to
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doses at very long intervals, or of smaller doses at too short inter-
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blood, chiefly from the stomach or oesophagus, may be
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pressure removed, the aneurism filled with fluid blood, and there
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Enlarged tonsils may be reduced by daily brushing with Martin's solution.
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indicate not the slightest evidence in other respects of
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other external decorations, which occasion may suggest, or taste and
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antipyretics are of the most undoubted benefit in con-
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noticed that the formation of a large hsemorrhagio inftuctioii in the kidf
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occurred. There is sufficient evidence that it has occurred in
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the patient was constitutionally ill. The question of sterility
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pressing the opinion when formed. Of course, it is a breach of medical
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When Ave reflect that this procedure involves com])lete sepa-
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that seems to indicate a complete restoration of function on the part of the
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increase the tone of plain nmscular tissue generally, as well as of the
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enable them as readily to travel a few miles into the
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less chain plan to bring to the attention of the United States
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those suffered by the case just related, but the parox-
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above. These cases are not, like the preceding, the
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parotid gland and its vessels, and there is a good deal
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Certain balsams, especially that of copaiba, and the essential oil of cubebs,
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joints and certain reflexes. Thus if the middle and ring fingers alone are
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influence of decomposition." In 1865 Thomas Anderson, Pro-
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about normal. Night or sleep sweats, harsh skin, increasing emaciation, and
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to OS identical with the corresponding symptoms of scarlet fever, are
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Paessler have recently confirmed by laboratory experi-
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inflammatory products ; in the other the brain was reduced

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